Unusual Treatment For Acne


Forget all of the creams and washes and ointments and gels. If you are an individual in need of real acne relief, these remedies are what you need in your life. From microdermabrasion to chemical peels and all in between, these acne treatments are dermatologist provided and offer fast, effective acne relief for most people.

Choices in Acne Treatment

Light therapy is one of the common dermatologist designed treatments for acne. Bluelight therapy absorbs Porphrin, the bacteria produced when acne flare-ups occur. The light destroys the bacteria with a chemical reaction. Another type of light therapy is red light therapy. Each of these treatments are effective for various period of time, usually three to 12 months. There are no side effects of these types of therapy.

Some acne sufferers choose to visit their dermatologist for a treatment called Photodynamic Therapy. PDT, as it is called, uses a medication that absorbs cells and contains a special source of life. Combined the cells are destroyed and acne is eliminated. When it is acne you are treating the sebaceous glands are targeted. Pain and discoloration are two common side effects associated with this procedure. If you haven’t visited your dermatologist yet, read helpful blogs at http://www.actagainstacne.com/.

Radiofrequency Therapy is another acne treatment choice, although this one is used less often than other forms. More commonly used are chemical peels. They have been used for many years to reverse the signs of aging and recent years have made the discovery that they can also help acne. A chemical peel should be used for a period of 12-weeks to reduce acne inflammations.

Microdermabrasion is yet another option. There have been many studies conducted that indicate microdermabrasion works wonderfully to reduce acne and the scars that are left behind.

Getting Dermatologist Acne Treatments

If you are interested in any of these acne treatment it is a good idea to talk to your doctor as soon as possible. He can help evaluate your condition and determine if these options are suited for your needs. Do keep in mind that most insurance will not pay for such treatments, so you will need to pay for them out of pocket. The cost of the procedures will vary according to what is chosen as well as how often it is used.

These treatment work great and they can really help you eliminate acne. Whether you have mild, moderate or severe acne, these treatments can provide you with the relief that you need.

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